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China 's IC Industry Innovation and Development Forum was held
2017-01-13 13:25:54
China's integrated circuit industry innovation and development of thousands of people forum 8 in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone was held. From the integrated circuit industry, nearly 40 "thousands of people plan" experts gathered to share experience for China's integrated circuit industry advice and suggestions.
According to reports, the integrated circuit industry is the foundation of today's information society, in the national economy, national security, people's lives and other aspects play an important role in national competitiveness is an important symbol. National major science and technology projects "very large scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of technology" (02 special) since the implementation of China's IC industry technology has developed by leaps and bounds. Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone SMIC and other key enterprises to assume the number of national 02 special projects accounted for the number of enterprises led the project about 20% of the total, become China's IC industry.
It is understood that large-scale integrated circuit production technology has advanced to 28 nanometers, leading technology research and some key materials and equipment in the 20-14 nanotechnology node layout, the industry's overall technical strength significantly improved, integrated circuit design, manufacturing capabilities and international advanced The gap between the level of narrowing, packaging and testing technology gradually close to the international advanced level, some of the key equipment and materials used at home and abroad production line.
With the new wave of development of integrated circuits in China, the forum is dedicated to providing a good communication platform for Chinese IC design companies, manufacturers, packaging and testing companies and related parties, to promote and promote the domestic integration Circuit industry in the future development of a positive impact.
This forum is sponsored by the National 02 Special Project Implementation Management Office, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee, Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of Integrated Circuit Materials Industry, and Strategic Alliance for Technical Innovation of IC Industry.

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